Newest iPad 2 Cases – Speck Reveals Their Hot New Line-Up

If you own any Apple device, it is more than likely that you have heard of or experienced a Speck accessory. Speck is one of the leading manufacturers for Apple accessories, including iPhone 4 covers, iPad and iPad 2 covers and even screen protectors for all of the Apple devices. Although Speck didn’t lead the way with the manufacturing of the re-designed iPad 2 cases, they sure found a way to come out with the coolest, most innovative and most effective iPad 2 cases on the market thus far. Let’s take a look at the different iPad 2 cases that Speck has revealed for their initial line-up

Speck Smart Shell

Now, the Speck Smart Shell case for iPad 2 is unlike any other case on the market. Most iPad 2 cases try to compete against Apple’s Smart cover. This hard case works in conjunction with Apple’s Smart cover, which is different than any other hard case. The Speck Smart Shell wraps around the back of your device and allows the Apple Smart Cover to still protect the screen. The design of the hard shell case also helps the Apple smart cover stay in place. This case is available in 5 different colors, which all coordinate with specific colors that the Smart Cover comes in: black, blue, green, orange and pink.

Speck iPad 2 CandyShell Wrap

The design of this case is similar to some of the most popular iPad 2 folio cases. The great thing about this case is that it features hard shell protection on the outside, but holds your device with a rubberized material on the inside. This is what you would call the best of both worlds The case also can be configured in two different viewing positions to optimize the use of your iPad 2.

Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap

The PixelSkin model is nothing new to Speck. Actually, the PixelSkin cases for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch were one of Speck’s best selling products One of the neatest features about this folio-like case is its magic microsuction technology. The magic microsuction feature keeps the top flap of the case, which protects the screen, shut unless you purposely open it to use your iPad. This case is made out of a neat, rubbery material that provides your device with the ultimate shock-proof protection. It is available in the following colors: Raspberry, Cobalt and Black. It also can be configured in a variety of positions to use as a viewing stand.