New iPhone App Lets You Ask Questions of Social Networking Friends

A new iPhone and iPod Touch app from an Oklahoma company emphasizes the social aspect of social networking.

The AskMeTellMe app, born of the creators’ frustration with what they complain is the impersonal nature of Google and other search engines, automatically plugs users into their social networks to answer questions like “Where can I find a good plumber?” or “Which restaurant serves the best sushi?”

AskMeTellMe co-creator Toby Biolchini said: “Who are you going to trust to find a good babysitter—Google or your friends?”

The free app prompts users to link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts; users then can simultaneously ask questions to their connections on both networks. AskMeTellMe pushes all of the answers directly to the app on the user’s iPhone or iPod Touch, eliminating the need to check Facebook and Twitter separately.

The company said in a news release: “AskMeTellMe cuts through all the frivolous social media chatter and gives you relevant, trustworthy recommendations from people you trust on a single platform.”

The app can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

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