New Apple iPod Touch rumored for September roll out

A new Apple iPod Touch is on the way, according to speculation fueled by a major retailer. According to reports, the new device brings the iPod Touch up to date with many features of the iPhone 4.

British retailer John Lewis broke the news about the new iPod Touch in London, revealing to the world that Apple plans to release the new product in September, in plenty of time to exploit the end of year shopping season.

An updated featuring a 5 megapixel rear facing camera highlights the updated iPod Touch: it will include flash and high definition video capabilities, making it equivalent to its iPhone 4 counterpart. The video calling application, FaceTime, also will come on the iPod Touch, allowing free video communications via wireless connections and should make use of a front facing camera on the new iPod Touch.

Now that FaceTime has been validated by the iPhone 4 community, analysts have expected Apple to extend FaceTime to the iPod touch, Apple iPad, and Macintosh product lines, exponentially expanding the number of users that can communicate via video using the application. Many readers may remember FaceTime as the highly anticipated video conferencing application featured during the San Francisco roll out of the Apple iPhone 4. During the session, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was frustrated by the application’s lackluster performance that presumably was due to the heavy WiFi usage at the event.

FaceTime reportedly will contact iPad and iPod Touch users via a user’s Apple ID or email address since those devices do not have telephone numbers assigned.

Besides the camera and FaceTime, speculation exists that the new Apple iPod Touch will come with a high resolution display similar to that on the iPhone 4. Other experts suggest that the iPod Touch will reflect the updated iPhone design, including the dreadful metal band that caused Apple users such grief when iPhone 4 was first released.

Gamers will likely appreciate new enhancements to the iPod Touch that include an accelerometer and gyroscope, that will surely extend its appeal as an entertainment platform.

Apple enthusiasts also hope that Apple will fit the new iPod Touch with the A4 processor and some extra memory to go with the new video application, high definition camera and high resolution display.

Other Apple product enhancements said to be in the works include an iPod Shuffle with touchscreen, an Apple iPad with a smaller screen, and an iPhone 5 slated for next year.


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