Netbooks Vs iPhone

Everyone knows what an iPhone is. It has been at the centre of technology buzz since it was released. the latest variant, the iPhone 3G comes with 3G mobile broadband and combines with Apples Safari internet browser. It combines 3 consoles, a phone, a music player and a internet browsing device.

But it shares many similar functions to a mini laptop; the question is which is better?

Both have a simple on button but time to take to load up varies. with Linux, the time can be as short as 15 seconds, although Windows XP will take longer. the iPhone will take around 20-25 seconds from turning on to being ready to use.

>>> Winner is this category: Netbook

Typing on both isn’t the same as on a desktop, but the netbook still has the edge here. It has a full qwerty keyboard rarely less than 80% the size of a full size keyboard. It takes practice to type quickly on the iPhone’s 3.5 touchscreen – I find it fastest with two thumbs, but accuracy is compromised. If you need to be accurate, using the corner of your finger helps. still, it’s difficult, especially when you’ve got a protective case on to stop scratching the back.

>>> Winner is this category: Netbook

Apple safari as its limitations, but the version on the iPhone is more than adequate. still, the Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer are capable of viewing a lot more and it working. you can surf easier on netbooks, fill in forms quicker and open more windows.

>>> Winner is this category: Netbook

The iPhone was essentially built entirely as an application for communication. Netbooks are designed for another role. as a phone, it would seemingly have the upper hand on communications, what with it’s 3G internet and wifi. Netbooks don’t generally come as standard with 3G, but wifi is standard. the rise of Skype and other internet phone companies make the netbook very competitive – but it would look a bit strange talking into your microphone of your mini laptop on your typical commute

>>> Winner is this category: iPhone

The iPhone is easily small enough to fit in a pocket, so perhaps is an easy winner here. still, most of us carry a bag or something similar around with us, which a netbook can easily slip into. the new Sony VAIO P Series can easily slip into a jacket pocket.

>>> Winner is this category: iPhone

Netbooks typically cost between 200-300, whilst your unofficially unlocked iPhone will cost between 350-400 depending on where you want to buy. you can only but the official factory unlocked iPhones in countries where it is illegal to sell locked phones like Belgium, new Zealand, Italy, Australia, France, Germany and Singapore. Officially unlocked iPhones will set you back around 500 – and the price keeps rising as the pound weakens.

Overall: Netbook wins

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