Must Have iPhone 4 Apps

A pioneer in the field of consumer electronics, Apple Inc. needs no introduction at all. It is one of the most popular and trusted brand in the world, and to a significant extent – the popularity of this brand can be attributed to its renowned iPhone series. In fact, the iPhone is no short of a brand in itself. Apple launched the latest version of the iPhone – the iPhone 4G, in June 2010. No prize in guessing that the sales of this version were at par, or perhaps even better than the sales of its previous versions. The new Apple iPhone is loaded with some amazing features which make it a bit different from its predecessors. The new iPhone also boasts of hordes of apps it has to offer. Interestingly, the list of must have iPhone 4 apps includes newly introduced apps as well as some of Apple’s best apps which are now made compatible to the new iPhone.

Must Have iPhone 4 Apps: 2010 Edition

When we talk about iPhone apps, there are some cool apps for iPhone 4 which are developed by the manufacturer and made available at the official App Store as well as Cydia apps which are available at various Cydia sources (repositories). In case of Cydia apps for iPhone 4 though, you need to jailbreak your Apple iPhone to download them. That should not be a much serious problem now, considering that jailbreaking is no more considered to be an illegal practice.

Top 10 Must Have iPhone 4 AppsIf you want to download must have apps for iPhone 4 without jailbreaking your iPhone, the official App Store will come to your rescue. The total number of apps available at the App Store lies in the range of thousands, and this makes it very difficult to come up with a list of best apps for iPhone 4. When we say best iPhone 4 apps, we refer to apps which are useful for the users on various fronts. Given below is a list of 10 must have apps for the iPhone 4 which will add to your overall iPhone experience.

  1. Pandora Radio: You get to stream live music on your Apple iPhone.
  2. The Weather Channel: You can get weather forecast for your neighborhood on your iPhone 4.
  3. CNN Mobile: You get news feed directly from the CNN website.
  4. FlightTrack: You can check flight timings from across the world.
  5. AccuTerra: You get access to detailed maps of nature trails across the world.
  6. Bento: You get to organize all your personal information in form of secured database.
  7. Zagat To Go: You get rewiews of all the restaurants in your neighborhood.
  8. The Elements for iPhone 4: You get access to the periodic table on your iPhone. (The retina display feature comes handy here.)
  9. TruPhone: You can use this VoIP app to make free calls to Google Talk and Skype users.
  10. Dropbox: You get to synchronize and share all your files online as well as with other computers.

Must Have iPhone 4: Cydia Apps Cydia applications allow the users to tweak their Apple iPhone (as well as Apple iPod touch and Apple iPad) in a bid to facilitate a lot many things which are not possible otherwise. Even though the iPhone deserves to be called the best gadget of the century, it is not what one would call ‘perfect’. There do exist some loopholes in this product, and must have Cydia Apps for iPhone 4 target these very loopholes. Given below is the list of best Cydia apps for iPhone 4 which will help you add to the efficiency of your iPhone.

  1. WinterBoard: You get to customize your iPhone 4 by adding new themes and sounds to it.
  2. Infiniffolder: You get to keep any number of apps in your folders.
  3. IntelliScreen: You get to see all your updates on the home screen.
  4. My3G: You can make VoIP calls to other users for free.
  5. Xpandr: You get to create shortcuts for various apps to facilitate easy access.
  6. MyWi 4.0: You get to turn your iPhone into a router and connect various other devices to it.
  7. iRealSMS: You get several other features such as QuickReply, QuickSend, Forward via Mail, Smileys, etc on your iPhone 4.
  8. Btstack Keyboard: You can connect a Bluetooth enabled keyboard to your iPhone.
  9. CyDelete: You can delete all the applications that you don’t want in one go.
  10. Fast Reader: You can use this customizable PDF reader for much more than mere reading.

Those were the lists of some must have iPhone 4 apps, both Apple apps as well as Cydia apps, which you need to download if you intend to make your gadget more efficient than what it is. That included some must have free iPhone 4 apps, such as Pandora and The Weather Channel, which can be downloaded from the sources absolutely free of cost as well as some paid iPhone applications for which you will have to shell out some money as subscription fee – usually between $1 to $99.