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In terms of phone popularity, the iPhone is placed in its pedestal within the market phone industry. due to such demand, there are lots and lots of iPhone products and accessories such as the famous iPhone keyboards.

Indeed, it is really hard to get that pinpoint accuracy of typing in a tiny glass keyboard for large and blunt-tipped fingers.

Many users prefer to type fast, hoping to plant the tip of their fingers somewhere near the general area of the letter they’re trying to press.

If you get close, the phone will auto-correct spelling errors quite effectively. However, for those who can’t afford to always test their luck in typing on a glass, there are lots of iPhone keyboard types available in the market.

Here are 3 of the most common external keyboards for IPhone:

External Keyboard. this hardware can also be used with PC’s and laptop if you want to get rid of your wired keyboards.

This hardware provides a Bluetooth V 2.0, 49 keys, and 10m operating distance that works within range and have a handy dimensions of 115mm-60.5mm-8mm to its users.

The entire package of this external keyboard includes a user’s manual, USB cable and a CD installer.

Bluetooth Keyboard. this is the more popular choice for most for iPhone Keyboard types. its sleek design makes it very appealing to use.

This particular wireless keyboard is incorporated with the latest Bluetooth software which is the WIDCOMM BTW. It comes with a QWERTY slide – out style which includes the Home and Search buttons plus wireless connectivity creates the magic to make the keyboard work.

This hardware is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, and is charged via USB mini B port. its power button allows you to conserve battery life too.

No operating distance is seen as such hardware takes the size of the phone and pretty much attached to the iPhone itself.

Waterproof Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard. this hardware looks practically the same with your regular computer keyboard and has 315mm x 113mm x 11mm.

It’s made up of ultra thin design, giving better typing time for users without putting too much stress on fingers and wrists.

It is flexible (you can roll it up for easy storage), waterproof, dustproof and alkali resistant. this hardware can also be used for your desktop computer.

If you have an iPhone then you ought to look at purchasing an iPhone Bluetooth keyboard for your effective device. Never heard of it, visit our site to an extremely helpful article about iPhone Bluetooth keyboard app.

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