More Top iPhone Apps

Last week, I went through a list of apps I like and use. But I couldn’t stop at just 14, so here’s a few more.

Other apps I use:

The Weather Channel (radar map and hourly forecasts… should I bring an umbrella?)

Yelp and Around Me are great apps to find and evaluate retail based on your location.

ESPN’s ScoreCenter, although not as much since the Mets imploded this year.

The Old School and Hangover apps from the movies still crack me up. there are lots of different apps for each film, so as long as you get one with soundbites, that’s all you need.

Fooducate allows you to scan the barcode on many food items to get a health rating based on the ingredients. I have used it on items in my home but have yet to use it in a store (probably because I don’t do most of the food shopping).

I have used Zipar once when I was out of the office and needed a car asap. it is faster than going to the website on your iPhone.

Shazam is really cool but I have only used it once to demonstrate it to my kids. Hold it up to a speaker playing music and it will tell you the song, album, and artist.

I have foursquare and have used it a few times, but not in a while.

I downloaded the paid (commercial free) version of Chess by Optime which has got me back into the game and makes a subway ride go by very quickly. Strangely, I won the first two games I played and have got my butt handed to me ever since.

A friend suggested EasySign as he says he uses it several times a day. I have yet to use it but can imagine it will be useful when I need something signed ASAP when out of the office.

Of course, I have a few apps for my kids for those emergencies when I need it to fight their boredom or just to get them to calm down. I also have another 20 apps on my phone that I didn’t mention and really don’t use. 

What do I dislike about the iPhone? it is a terrific device that is quite fun. But it doesn’t come close to a BlackBerry-like device (with buttons) when it comes to typing. also, and totally unexplainable, if I try to delete an email when I don’t have a cell signal (like on the subway), I get a message that says unable to delete the email. This is unforgiveable. I can’t believe that the OS can’t be programmed to hold deleted emails until there is a signal.

I would love to hear what apps people are using and why.