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The IPhone is a serious business and consumer type of phone, a very Smartphone.

A Smartphone is a personal digital assistant, PDA. Today’s Smartphone’s typically serve as portable music players, cameras, high resolution screens, some use touch screen technology, GPS navigation, WIFI and mobile broadband access as well as being able to call and text.

A smart phone runs a complete mobile operating system, Apple IOS, Google Anorid, Microsoft Windows phone 7, Nokia Symbian, there are many other Smartphone’s with their own operating systems.

The IPhone made by apple was first introduced in 2007 as Apple IPhone 2g or edge it was then discontinued in 2008 after selling 6.7 million units. Apple then in 2008 introduced the apple 3g,at this point everybody knew and wanted an IPhone. in late 2010 the Apple IPhone 3g was discontinued. Then later in the year the IPhone 3gs was released and is still in production.

However the new IPhone 4 has been released from June 2010 to present day with the slogan “This changes everything. Again” and with 3 million sales within the first day at £600.00 to £800.00 pounds each IPhone is blooming with business.

IPhone applications are basically little programs made especially for the Smartphone and operating system they have programmed; for example the Apple using IOS software, only apple application software can be used on an apple device, such as an IPhone, IPod or IPad.

So what is an application, an application is a programme that runs on your IPhone like how paint runs on your pc. IPhone applications come in many different genres for example game applications which is an application made especially for fun and boredom, whether it’s the highly recognised Sims 3 for £4.99 for or angry Birds free to download.

Other categories are things like time wasters or silly things like squeeze a spot or ninja fruit slice applications which 90 percent of the time are free and cure boredom momentary.

Other genres are books; download books onto your apple device and read to your heart’s content. Others such as Educational applications teach you things or have information within them.

In all there are many categories here are a few main ones, games, books, entertainment , gadgets, educational, business, finance, health and wellness, social networking, maps and navigation, music and audio, news, photo and video, productivity , reference and books, shopping, sports, test centre, travel, themes, utilities and finally weather.

Phone Application software is very important to a business. The Mobile Web is all about discovering the right content when you need it there are currently 3 billion mobile phones worldwide compared with less than 1 billion PCs. Mobile devices are fast becoming the primary interface to the Internet for the majority of users, and this “always available” communication service is providing value to a rapidly growing subscriber base.

Business’s find applications a helpful tool for example Amazon one of the UK’s largest online shopping has a application you can download and buy straight from them, easier simpler and still making money.

Example two an accountant is out with an client and needs to provide a service to the customer, the IPhone or Smartphone comes out and using their own software that’s been specially made can show the customer there and then what they need to know to make business.

Example 3 a website consultant goes out to a client and wants to show them the stats on their website they take out there already preloaded Smartphone with their very own application and show their customer on the spot, instead of going back to the office and emailing it.

Applications can have many different functions within it, whether its purchasing something through a payment gateway, news feed, contact forums and even maps.

When it comes to businesses using application software they can use others software that they have made and pay for it and download it, or they may decide to buy and create their own.

Creating your own application: creating your own application for your business can be tricky and hard on the pocket, first you business needs to know what their application will do function wise and the design of it.

Once you have told the creators of the applications they will get on and make it checking in with you at every step.

Once complete you now own an application and can let other business’s purchase this or download it for free, although this is a very costly, and can range easily from £1000.00 pounds to megabucks.

When it comes to applications the competition for the most is fierce, Apple has 2225,000 apps, Android has 70,000 apps, blackberry app world has 7,200 apps, ovi store has 13,000 and IPad app. store has 11,000.

Applications are on the rise, in the UK in June 2010 21% of us had used apps; it’s now risen to 71% of us, due to the revolution of the Smartphone’s.

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