Manage Your Medical Records With Your iPhone

Are there no limits to the iPhone? Every time you turn around it seems there is a new application for this amazing device; just yesterday they released a program that would feed your pets for you while on vacation. In all seriousness, some of these programs are pretty incredible.  There is a program called ColorHelper, assisting those with colorblindness identify colors. For example, if the device were pointed at a dresser drawer, ColorHelper will identify all socks that are red.


The number of applications being developed for the iPhone is baffling, and while some of these are “just for fun,” a majority are designed to make life easier. You can find software to manage everything from your golf game to your holiday shopping list.


While you certainly don’t want to forget Aunt Susie this Christmas, perhaps it is more important to remember to take your blood pressure medication. Or, Heaven forbid, you are traveling and fall ill, it would be advantageous to have your medical information handy. Your medical records are invaluable and it makes sense to have immediate access to this information. No surprise; there’s an iPhone application for that too!


It would be convenient if there was a giant database that stored everyone’s medical information, easily accessible with a touch of a button or a click of a mouse. Unfortunately, in the United States the concept of electronic medical records (EMR), or electronic health records (EHR) are implementing slowly. A majority of health care providers still manage paper offices. Companies like e-MDs, based in Austin, TX, are leading the charge in providing integrated EHR and practice management solutions; though it may take some time until a universal system becomes reality. Just think, your childhood immunization record may be stored in a filing cabinet where you attended elementary school. An extreme example, but it illustrates the potential difficulty in accessing your personal medical record.