Manage Seating Arrangements For Your Wedding With Ease Using Wedding Planner Application

In a perfect world there would not be a need to assign seats for a wedding or reception, but since we live in this one assigned seating is needed. There was an actual survey done by “YOUGOSURVEY” that asked this simple question and an astounding 51% of the people actually preferred to attend events where they have a specific seat assigned to them. Although having people seat themselves sounds great it never really works out at a wedding. The people will be milling about while the food is being served still trying to decide where to sit.

In the past the seating chart was a long and tedious job. It took literally hours to draw up the setting and then to write and erase names as you went along. The wedding planner for iPhone apps can help you take on this chore with less stress and with great ease. Most people hate to go to functions where they are seated at tables with people they have never met. While a few people being seated with strangers cannot be helped it can be a positive experience if you plan it in advance. The seating charts can help you to arrange seating so that couples are not split up.

Organizing the seating arrangements with wedding planner apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod and android come with a program that lets you choose the tables and chairs by style and functionality. You can seat families and groups of people with ease. The software has variations on each of these types of seating arrangements you simply choose the type you want and input the information.

A great practice in Europe is to assign a specific seat to each guest. This practice assures that all of the key players in the event are seated where they can be seen and heard. The seating of the guests at the wedding reception in specific seats also makes it easy for the wait staff to serve. On the other hand a common practice in the USA is to simply assign tables and allow the guest to choose any seat they want at that table. This arrangement cuts out the need for place cards. The wedding planner apps for iPhone, which you will find at a wedding website, have both so you can choose the most appropriate format for your occasion.

When creating your seating arrangements with a wedding planner app for iPhone or other mobile device the same rules apply as if you were seating on paper. Here are a few hints that you should keep in mind when arranging your seating charts.

1.Seat families together. This is especially true of families with younger children.

2.Put each person at a table or next to at least one person that he/she already knows.

3.Older children can be seated at a table of their own but keep infants and toddlers with the parents.

4.Do not mix age groups. Do not seat and elderly couple with a table full of teens.

5.Do not if at all possible seat exes at the same table or even within shouting distance of each other. This rule applies if you do not know how they are getting along.