List Of iPad Apps – Don’t Buy Any Apps Until You Read This

Apple has again asserted its superiority in designing extraordinary gadgets, by introducing the new iPad. iPad uses the same operating system as that of iPhones so that the users can benefit from as many as 150 thousand iPhone apps. This enables the software developers who work on iPhone and iPad to tap their potential in the same market and make money through selling their innovative applications.

As for statistics, so far, three billion apps from the Apple app store have been downloaded and used by the consumers and there is further scope for old and new apps so that more and more people can get into the fray. The creativity of thousands of software developers are being cashed on by Apple who allow them to have access to a massive market for their creations.

As expected, games take the top most position in the list of best selling apps and those who have a flair for creating gaming apps, will certainly stand a fair chance of making millions of dollars in the near future. more and more innovative ideas are born every day as the number of people and kids downloading them are also increasing. apart, there are numerous business apps, cook books, entertainment, financial and personal apps that the sky is the limit for creating apps.

To encourage the activity of developing iPad apps, apple has come out with the novel idea of offering a comprehensive set of programming tools to the software developers at a reasonable price called the iPhone SDK 3.2 software development kit, in addition to the rest of the tools. This is, in fact, compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. A step- by- step process for developing apps and introducing them to the market is also offered by the iPhone Dev and those who have registered, can get all the tools needed for the development of iPod and iPhone. The software development kit includes project management tools, a graphical debugger and a source code editor. To enable the developers to trail run their apps, there is an iPhone stimulator too, through which interfaces can be created to make the apps easy for use.

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