List of Five Must-Have Free iPhone Applications

Learn what free applications you just cannot live without.

Picking and Choosing Free Apps

As you begin filling up your newly purchased iPhone 3G or 3GS you will begin to realize that you only have so much free space. Because of this you need to begin itemizing exactly what programs you must have and the ones that you can live without. There are certain free applications that are an absolute must for any iPhone user.


PayPal is progressively becoming standard for individual and professional finances. It is a way that you can make purchases online without putting your credit card at risk, and now is being used for everything from online check payment to money transferring. PayPal mobile, the application you can download to your iPhone, lets you do all the prime functions in your PayPal account. You are able to check you current balance and send money to different accounts, which is more than useful while on the go.


Young or old, people regularly check their MySpace account. Many will tell you there is few greater online joy than seeing the envelope symbol and knowing that they received a message. The MySpace application is very useful because the interface allows for quick access to all the common features that you would like to check quickly. Though it is hard to work with MySpace too extensively through this application, checking your comments and friend invitations has never been easier. Since it is on your cell phone it is even a good idea to have your information saved so logging on is an even quicker process.

If you’re not into MySpace (or maybe your friends aren’t), you can try the Facebook app for the iPhone that lets you post status updates and chat with friends.

The New York Times

News has become big business as people’s expectations for information have increased. The New York Times application is one of the most useful for this because it connects quickly and gives you full text articles. You have quick links to top stories, opinion articles, as well as photo collections. For up to date news this is by far the best iPhone application, but you may have to deal with advertisements.

Weather Bug

Weather Bug is better than the stock weather program that comes on your phone, and is still free. It will find detailed information about the weather in your area and even give you links to daily photos from local weather locations. This is a simple program that can give you useful information very quickly and easily. Read the full review of the Weather Bug app for more details.


WordPress may not be useful to everyone currently, but blogging will be the standard for every profession soon and it is best to have an immediate link to the most common blog interface. With the WordPress app you can check the status on your website, and even do some contributing. This is just a good idea to keep around even if you are not poised to work on website design and maintenance regularly.

Learn Your Habits

These are all programs that should grace your desktop, but feel free to explore the whole range of other free applications available at the iTunes Store. Once you begin to chart your average iPhone use you will begin to see what you actually need on a daily mobile basis.