LinkedIn App for iPhone v3.0 now Live –

The apps basket appears to be filled to the brim with smiles from users across the globe. This time, according to the LinkedIn Blog, the latest LinkedIn iPhone app has recently stepped in with a great helping hand. Yes, heard it right. particularly designed to help mobile users keep their professional network in their hands, the app now makes everything super-facile and quick.

The LinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 includes a completely new search interface, making it trivial for users to easily find people whether they are in their connections list or not. Just type in a name or keyword and get the information whatever looking for. getting late for office, an important meeting or interview? No worries as the app comes to rescue.

The new app has revamped the profiles screen to quickly offer users a summary of details about the person, a review of their education and experience, a list of the people they both know in common and the ability to mark that person a favorite. Now easily keep track of people and find them later in seconds, thanks to the new Favorites functionality. Besides, all of the new Updates views enable users to filter their updates to see only updates from their favorite people.

Moving on, the app also features a redesign of users’ updates functionality, offering quite up-to-date intelligence about their network. Four new modules entitled All Updates, Status Updates, Profile Updates and Discussions help in quickly checking the updates. There’s even the ability to read and submit comments on updates, right from the iPhone.

Further, users can discover eminent enhancements to the inbox, including an improved design, dashboard badging, and support for sending invitations from a profile without the email address. in addition, the Connections feature has also been improved to a great extent. Users can even choose to download their connections into their iPhone contacts, and the app will display an alert when they have a new connection who has not yet been downloaded.

Moreover, the LinkedIn for iPhone has entirely leveraged the new Bluetooth capabilities in iPhone 3.0. in Person enables users to find and connect with other people running the LinkedIn application in real time.

So, manage everything as easily as murmuring one-two-three and as quickly as greased lightening with this new LinkedIn app for iPhone v3.0.

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