Link Apple’s iPod To Your Onkyo Receiver

Onkyo has developed a remote interactive (RI) dock that interfaces Apple’s iPod with Onkyo receivers and audio-video systems.

The dock is scheduled for release mid-2005 in the U.S., Europe and Japan, with subsequent release in other regions where Onkyo products are available.

the RI dock provides compatibility between specified iPod models and many of the Onkyo products (as many as five million worldwide) produced over the past 10 years. Users of both the iPod and Onkyo products will benefit from even greater flexibility with—and enjoyment of—digital media, as well as superior audio performance.

Remote Interactive Dock Continues Revolution in Cross-Operability in recent years, the range of audio-video products on the market has widened significantly. Audio systems, home theater systems, personal computers and portable devices have proliferated, among which there is now a great deal of cross-operability. Many people assemble systems with components from a variety of manufacturers, making universal compatibility and operability ever more vital.

for more than 10 years, most Onkyo products have been built with remote interactive (RI) capability, enabling cross-operability between Onkyo products and those of other manufacturers through the use of a single remote control. Also, remote interactivity enables the integrated start-up of separate components, as well as offering a Direct Change function that automatically switches the input to the amplifier section (of the receiver or audio system) during playback. Even when Onkyo components are purchased separately, they can be combined effectively into a smooth-functioning system. With unsurpassed longevity among interface systems, remote interactivity continues to deliver the convenience of fully integrated operability.

The Remote Interactive Dock: A Summary the Remote Interactive Dock makes it possible to easily link an Onkyo audio-video system with the iPod. the dock features Onkyo’s remote Interactive (RI) functionality, and it can be used as a mini-stand to recharge the iPod.

A remote control can be used to operate the iPod interactively via an interface between the iPod and an RI-equipped Onkyo system. the dock also offers additional operability, significantly improving the user’s control of the entire integrated system.

Specific details regarding product design and use will be announced in due course. the product is scheduled for release mid-2005 in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Japan, with subsequent release in other regions where Onkyo products are available.

We will post pictures when a specific model is announced.

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