Learn to use Xcode’s powerful features using Packt’s new book

Birmingham,UK (PRWEB) January 27, 2012

Packt is pleased to announce iPhone Applications Tune-Up, a new book that will teach users to tune up every aspect of their iOS application for greater levels of stability and performance. Written by Loyal Moses, this book will help users to integrate powerful unit-testing directly into their development workflow, whilst letting them boost the performance of their applications.

The best iPhone applications are the ones that demonstrate smooth, fast, efficient and optimal performance. An application should be designed to run at 200 mph, but operate just as smoothly as it would at 5 mph. Developing an application that supports such a wide range of performance needs is no small task and requires an understanding of the basic elements of performance as well as a strong strategy.

iPhone Applications Tune-Up covers every aspect of optimizing and squeezing every last bit of performance out of an iOS project, whilst guiding readers through the entire process of tuning an iOS application for high performance. Additionally, readers will be led through each chapter, learning every aspect of performance tuning from simple syntax tips and tricks to advanced process management, and network and memory optimizations.

Using this book, developers will learn the benefits of performance-driven development, and design patterns that can increase application simplicity. Furthermore, this book will enable them to understand the basic principles of application performance and bottlenecks, and the common pitfalls caused by misuse of basic language syntax. Additionally, this book will also teach them how to use unit testing and exception handling to create better code, and to store and recall data faster and more efficiently.

Written to be read straight through as well as to be used as a technical reference, this book is ideal for iOS application developers, who are familiar with the basic concepts and principles of iOS development, and are interested in resolving application performance bottlenecks in both new and existing Xcode projects. The book is out now and available from Packt. Also, do check out Packt’s another recently published book on iPhone: iPhone User Interface Cookbook