Leak: iPhone 3GS Free on Contract at Best Buy Mobile on Aug. 22nd

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so I’ll keep this brief. an anonymous tipster just sent us this photo of a promotional sign being unboxed on a lovely industrial carpet deep in the depths of, um, somewhere. The sign clearly advertises a one day only Best Buy Mobile deal on AT&T’s iPhone 3GS: Free with “2-year activation,” Monday August 22 only.

While this isn’t the first time the 3GS has been given away with a new contract, iPhone sales are still relatively rare. And this in a world where most phones’ carrier prices are slashed by third-party retailers almost immediately after they go on sale. So while this may just be part of a “one Day only!” blowout sale at BBYM – one that could include deals on other phones as well – it could also be a way for the retailer to clear out remaining 3GS inventory in preparation for the impending iPhone 5 launch. Or iPhone 5 and “iPhone Lite Cheaper Version” launches, plural, if you subscribe to that theory.

Either way, looks like you can pick up an iPhone gratis if you’re willing to sign up for two years of AT&T service at Best Buy next Monday. Who’s in?

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