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Jeetek signs agreement to be the official distributor of "Thumbs Up" and "Santok" in the Middle East

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The products to be distributed in CompuMeCompuMeLoading..., Carrefour Express and Virgin MegastoreJeetek, a leading international distributor of lifestyle technology products, has announced that it has recently signed an agreement to be the official distributor in the Middle East of UK-based manufacturers “Thumbs Up” and “STK” brand from “Santok”. the move further expands Jeetek’s reach across new product categories and bolsters its stronghold in high-growth markets including the UAE where consumer electronics expenditure has been projected by analysts to reach USD 3.1 billion in 2011 and further increase to around USD 4 billion by 2015.

Jeetek will be supplying Thumbs Up and STK products to leading power retailers in the UAE, including CompuMeCompuMeLoading..., Carrefour Express and Virgin Megastore. the new partnership is part of Jeetek’s aggressive international growth plans as the company seeks to enhance its presence across a much wider range of markets like South Asia and to further expand its portfolio, which already includes leading multinationals such as Nokia and other premium lifestyle electronics brands.

Jihad El Eit, CEO & Founder of Jeetek, said: “We have witnessed an immense growth in demand for lifestyle technology products in the region, which has opened fresh opportunities to sustain our long-term expansion plans. through our partnership with Thumbs Up and Santok, Jeetek is pioneering a new and exciting way of catering to the technology needs of consumers in the region, introducing original and innovative lifestyle technology products that deliver true value to our customers. our strategic alliance with Thumbs Up and Santok will certainly contribute in bolstering our stronghold in key growth markets such as the UAE, which has been one of the most profitable destinations for our products. Jeetek will build on the success of this partnership to continue to look for new opportunities to deliver premium-quality offerings and reinforce our reputation as the premier distributor of lifestyle technology products in the region.”

Jeetek will be distributing several products manufactured by Thumbs Up, including chargers, wireless cameras, underwater cameras, TV digital photo key ring, neon travel alarm clock and other novelty items. Jeetek will also distribute the latest Santok branded products such as a wide array of accessories for the iPad, iPhone, Bluetooth devices, Blackberry and portable music players, a premium selection of screen protectors and other consumer electronics products.

Jeetek has been fast expanding its vast operations in the mobile distribution industry spanning the entire Middle East and South Asia. the company has built a solid track record as a quality-driven organisation, focusing on customer satisfaction and strictly adhering to global best practices.

Thumbs Up is known for designing, developing and introducing its own range of innovative and unique novelty gift items and gadgets. the company’s high manufacturing standards have been key to satisfying the expectations of its global clientele.

Santok has been a leading supplier for over a decade of cellular-specific and related products including handsets, accessories and consumer electronics. With over 2,000 product lines, the company offers an unrivalled product range, realistic pricing structures and a professional team, helping reaffirm its position as one of Europe’s leading accessory distributors.

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