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Tweetdeck’s iPhone Update Is Another App That Trumps Twitter’s
Tweetdeck just released Tweetdeck 2.0, its brand new iPhone app that it hopes will pull it back on top of the mobile Twitter app market. We have always loved the Tweetdeck desktop app and Chrome app , but the iPhone app has been mysteriously lackluster.
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New iPhone App: GeigerMap Provides Radiation Readings from 7,500 Cities
Power App today released GeigerMap for iOS, a new iPhone app that provides updated radiation readings from more than 7,500 official and private measuring stations worldwide. GeigerMap consists of a searchable, global Google Map that displays crowd-sourced Geiger counter …
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Need a Great Calculator for Your iPad EZeeCalc XL, Rated 9 out of 10
EZeeCalc XL received rave reviews from The iPhone App Review. Since the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator provided by Apple, this is the ideal app to fill that gap. EZeeCalc XL, is a simple, yet powerful calculator for the rest of us, by Massachusetts independent developer James Hollender. EZeeCalc XL presents users with a colorful new take on the classic calculator, adding convenient …
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