Kiwi Solar Charger For iPhone Review

Kiwi Solar Charger For iPhone Review

The Kiwi is a versital solar charger which is capable of charging a variety of devices including the iPhone. unlike most solar chargers for the iPhone, the Kiwi has three solar panels. The Kiwi’s solar panels connect together with a central connector. Simply unfold the panels and the Kiwi resembles a “solar fan”. In the most compact form, the solar charger is about the same size as the iPhone so it fits well in your pocket or in a backpack. Just a few of the other devices the Kiwi can charge include Blackberrys, Palm smartphones, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, and the Kindle.

To charge your iPhone or other portable devices, simply connect the solar charger to your device with the charging cord. In all the Kiwi Solar Charger takes a solid fifteen hours of sunlight to completely charge its 2000mAh battery. if you’re in need of a faster charge, the Kiwi Solar Charger can also charge from your computer’s usb or a wall outlet in about five hours. You can quickly find out how much of a charge the device has by pressing the chargers test button. When you press the button up to four lights will light up. A single light equals fifteen to thirty-five percent charge; two lights is thirty-six to sixty-five percent charge; three lights is sixty-six to ninety-five percent charge; and all four lights is essentially a full charge.

While the Kiwi is a little slow to charge when compared to other solar chargers for the iPhone, it makes up for this with its versatility.  The device can withstand standard wear and tear and can even be charged in a variety of ways. your best bet is to combine charging methods to insure there is always power available. You can check out videos of the Kiwi Solar Charger (and a few other solar chargers) in this post that has 5 iPhone Solar Charger Videos. I’d also recommend reading this article about the different options for portable iPhone chargers.

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