Kenzo and Proporta team up to make smartphone cases

For all the disappointed raging nerds on the internet, furious about the lack of external change in the iPhone 4S, there were many more relieved iPhone case manufacturers delighted that they didn’t need to suddenly scramble to revise their product lines over night. And with good cause, as the case market for the iPhone 4 is pretty strong, with a range of offerings for varying groups of customers.

For the fashion conscious amoung you, Proporta, the Brighton-based mobile device and gadget accessory manufacturer, has launched a new range of cases for Smartphones, inspired by the Japanese art form of origami and far Eastern floral patterns with fashion brand, Kenzo.

How can a smartphone case be influenced by Origami? well the influence is twofold. I jest, but the Kenzo Origami Leather Case is inspired by the elegant simplicity of origami and is a protective leather pocket for your phone. Available in red, it offers protects your phone from bumps and bruises (whilst in transit – it does nothing for your phone when you remove it to take a call), is slim enough for clutch purses of skinny jeans, fastens securely with a magnetic tab and is finished with a stylish floral print lining.

Not a fan of origami? the Kenzo Patent Leather Case is s similar sleek, patent leather exterior embossed with the Kenzo logo, so you can broadcast your brand loyalty. Like the Origami, the case protects against scratches, knocks and scrapes, and is finished with a pretty floral lining you can glimpse when you pop your phone in.

Tough guy? You’ll probably be more into the Kenzo Leather Tokyo Pouch, which offers a more robust feel. Matte leather, an embossed Kenzo logo and six eyelets make for something a Hell’s Angel would be comfortable sporting and the interiors are finished off with unique floral prints so you can still have an outlet for your softer side. the red pouch comes with a wrist strap, whilst the black pouch comes with a handy belt clip and both feature a magnetic closure

Kenzo Leather Tokyo Pouch – £44.95 / $59.95 / €54.95Kenzo Patent Leather Case – £24.95 / $33.95 / €29.95