KA08 Mini iPhone Colors – The Colorful Options on This Cute and Tiny Clone

I can remember when the Xphone came out a while ago and every one was so excited at the prospect of being offered a gold iPhone clone. Later, when the i9 3G came out, everyone got giddy at the thought of being offered glossy white and redfinishesin addition to the original black. but, in terms of color, these two phones have nothing on the CECT KA08. this one comes in a rainbow of colors. I’ll discuss this more in the following article.

Your Basic Options: Despite all the variety, many people still go with the basic colors – red, white, or black. in particular, the white option on this model looks very sharp because a lot like the i9 3G, this phone has the thicker, glossier housing and it particularly looks good in white.

The Metallics: Silver and Gold: this phone also comes in metallic silver and gold. These finishes are more shiny, but I have seen a sort of brushed more matted version available also. It’s more common to see this in silver, but I’ve also seen gold.

Pink On The KA08: I’ve actually seen three different pink colors for this phone. there is a hot pink, a sort of medium dark regular pink and alighter, soft pastel color. of these I like the pastel. if you’re going for pink, you’ve obviously going for a feminine look and this one meets that criteria.

Other Colors: Blues and Greens: I have seen this phone in a couple of different colors of blue. I’ve seen sort of a medium royal blue and a lighter, pastel robin’s eggs color. The green KA08 that I’ve seen is literally an apple green (no pun intended, this is really the color.)

These Aren’t Skins Or Face Plates: a lot of times when I talk about thehues of this phone, people assume that I mean a face plate or installing housing. These phones are actually thehue that you’ve picked out through and through. some people really like skins though because this helps to keep the phone from slipping and protects it. in this case, consider a clear silicone skin and this will let the coloring come through but will still offer the protection.

Other than the hue that you are buying, there are a lot of things to like about this phone. It’s the size of a credit card. It’s a quad band. it has shake and tilt, and it can hold up to 8GB. it has most of the features of the i9 buton amuch smaller scale(size wise, not feature wise.)

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