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  • 2012 Apr 16
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Finding the right job may not be the easiest task. in a recent survey by the Institute for Labor Studies, young people find job hunting as a labyrinthine experience. It’s a period of transition and a time for venturing and exploring unknown grounds. It is a time for learning and a challenging time filled with doubt and anxiety.  Add to the challenge, the increase in the pool of jobseekers this year. More than 480,000 will graduate from college and will join the race for jobs. what then should jobseekers look forward to?

What are job opportunities for 2012?

Based on the industry study conducted by, job seekers can expect more than 2 million jobs this year.  Last year, there were 2.7 million job vacancies posted in online and print media, more than 40% of which were posted in, and with this year’s economic outlook on the upswing we are expecting at least the same or even more. JobStreet’s Marketing Director, Yoda Buyco shares, “We are very happy that the country’s top employers have entrusted us with majority of their job vacancies. This helps us fulfill our mission of providing Filipinos with the most options, and ultimately better lives from better careers.” she adds “jobs available this year can be approximated by last year’s trends”

Of the 2.7 Million job vacancies 64% are local, while 36% are jobs overseas. The following are the most in demand local and overseas industries and specializations.

The top local industries were 1) IT enabled services/ Business Process Outsourcing, 2) Manufacturing & Production, 3) Retail & Merchandise, 4) Computer & Information Technology, 5) Construction/ Building & Engineering.

The top local specializations are 1) Engineering & Technology, 2) Customer Service, 3) IT/Computer 4) Finance, 5) Sales 6) Business Administration & 7) Clerical & Administrative support 8) Human Resources 9) Healthcare (doctors, nurses, medical support, pharmacy) and 10) Food, beverage & restaurant services specializations.

For jobs overseas the top industries were 1) Healthcare, 2) Transportation & Logistics, 3) Heavy Industrial, Machinery & Equipment, 4) Hotel & Hospitality, and 5) Consulting.

While the  top overseas specializations for 2012 are: 1) Engineering & Technology, 2) General Work (housekeeper, driver, dispatch, messenger, etc.) 3) Healthcare, 4) Food, Beverage & Restaurant service, 5) Manufacturing & Production Operations, 6) Maintenance/ Repair (Facilities and Machinery), 7) Architecture/ Interior Design, 8) Clerical/ Administrative Support,  9) Sales and  10) Finance with most of them available in the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, new Zealand, North America and Malaysia.

How do jobseekers find jobs today?

In today’s digital age, where the rate of innovation is at its fastest, the job application process has evolved to require less physical effort. Jobseekers can either immediately apply through online job portals or send emails directly to company websites. A recent survey showed that most jobseekers nowadays resort to online sources to seek employment. two of the top four practices for job searching and application are done online. They include: using online job portals/ job sites and scanning through company websites, the others are referrals through friends or personal network, and walking-in to offices.

Triggers for applying to jobs have also evolved. gone are the days when one needs to push and shove to scout for jobs, or walk in every single building along Ayala Avenue because innovations from online job portals have made seeking for jobs much more convenient. Jobs that match one’s qualifications can now be received through email automatically and job advertisements have gone beyond basic announcements, one can now apply to jobs that are posted online.

Get ahead of the jobhunting race

With’s commitment to make job hunting the easiest and most convenient through its innovations, jobseekers can find their dream jobs right at their fingertips with its latest offering- the JobStreet Mobile App.  

Yolanda Buyco, Philippines Marketing Director shares, “the Jobstreet Mobile App takes ease and convenience of job hunting to the next level- you can now search and apply for the job you desire anytime, anywhere. all you need are your 3G mobile device and mobile internet connection.” 

She further explains: “There are more than a million mobile applications available now, most are in the games category, but our company saw the medium’s potential for job hunting. as of the moment, the usage of mobile apps is the most personal among devices. Desktop computers and laptops can be shared, but mobile phones and tablets are one’s personal tool-  and job hunting, especially for Filipinos, is a very private pursuit. second, although the games category is the most popular, people actually find other uses for their mobile device. I have observed more and more people in Metro Manila to be using tablets for their grocery lists, so why not for other productive uses such as job hunting? one can also observe how mobile phones have gone past its basic functions of calling and texting. The Philippines, being the texting capital of the world has started to advance with more than 5 million Filipinos surfing the internet through their mobile phones. With social media sites encouraging subscribers to use their phones to surf the internet, add to it that smartphones are getting cheaper, and Telecommunications Companies are decreasing mobile internet browsing rates, more Filipinos find mobile surfing more accessible specially the younger market and those with less buying power.”

Hubert Punongbayan, Senior Marketing Officer shares how jobseekers can take advantage of the JobStreet Mobile App: “To start, download the Mobile App for for free from: It is currently available in major devices such as: iPhone/ iPad, Android and BlackBerry. then you can start searching for jobs easily by typing in keywords like the job title, skill, specialization and others. You can also enjoy applying to jobs in one-click. You’ll just need to sign up for a JobStreet account.

The Mobile App also comes in with new helpful features. if you see a job you’re interested in but can’t check the details immediately you can simply click the save job button so you can view the details at a later time, even while you’re offline.  if you can’t squeeze in searching for jobs in your hectic schedule, you can view the latest recommendations and job matches from LiNa, your personal career agent, in the job alerts tab. The job alerts that you will receive will be based on your set preferences and your profile. These are some of the feaures that one can enjoy with the Mobile App, and with JobStreet’s commitment to its development, there are certainly a lot more to look forward to in the near future.”

This job hunting season, the need to stay ahead in the race for jobs is more pressing. Finding and learning about job options that are aligned with one’s goals is a critical part of the job hunting process. Carolyn Enriquez,’s Senior Marketing Manager shares, “With offerings such as the JobStreet Mobile App, searching and applying for jobs become much easier and more convenient. It allows job opportunities to be conveniently available anytime, anywhere.  It empowers job seekers to immediately act on offers that are posted online and ultimately should help them find their dream jobs.

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