Jaybird Freedom Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones – Review

Review by Chris Towland – Gadget Editor

With about ten minutes of use the Jaybird Freedom became my first choice of headphones to use with my iPhone!

Firstly, as soon as I opened the box I knew this was a quality product – from the quality of the packaging to the case you keep your headphones in, to the actual Jaybird Freedom’s themselves – you can see and feel the quality.

Next ease of use – it took me two minutes to sync the headphones to the Blutoooth on my iPhone and be up and running. (Please note that I’m mentioning my iPhone in this review as that is what I tested the headphones on, but the Freedom’s can be used with any Bluetooth device including other smartphones, iPad etc)

Handsfree – Because they’re Bluetooth and handsfree it means my iPhone can be in my back pocket but there’s no wire trailing up my back and pulling the earphones out of my ears. This makes them ideal for use when jogging or at the gym (none of the usual wires inside or outside your t-shirt / coat conundrum).

Quality of sound – I’m a gadget man and not a sound expert but the Freedom’s gave a better, richer sound compared to any of the other iPhone headphones I compared them to.

Comfort – Because the Jaybird Freedom’s are supplied with a selection of eartips of differing sizes it is easy to find the ones that are just right for your ears. once I had the right tips I found them very comfortable to wear and had no issues with them falling out of my ears.

Recharging – the headphones have a built in battery that lasted for hours and recharging is done via the USB cable supplied.

Control – Volume can be controlled from the headphones themselves so no need to dig your music device out of your pocket. Also because of the built in microphone I could answer phone calls and chat with the Freedom’s just like any Bluetooth headset.

So, did I find any problems with the Freedom’s?  yes I did but they were very minor. Firstly, because the chord that goes round the back of your neck is rubber, I found that sometimes it stuck to my neck slightly when turning my head. This was more of a small inconvenience though rather than a problem and could be removed greatly by adjusting the length of the chord.

Also, I found that very occasionally if I turned my head rapidly, I lost sound briefly. I’m guessing this was somehow a short loss of the Bluetooth connection which was quickly regained. This really didn’t cause me a problem but I wanted to mention it so you had my full findings on these headphones.

Finally, the price at £99 certainly will be an issue for some when of course you can buy a cheap set of earphones for a few pounds but I think when considering the quality of product and sound as well as the benefits of handsfree / wire free Bluetooth, the Freedom’s are good value.

All in all I found the Jaybird Freedom’s to be superb, high quality headphones that were a joy to wear. if you value quality sound and ease of use – or you just like to be ultra cool with the very latest gadgets – you’ll find the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones an ideal choice.

Here’s the official info from the manufacturer:

Tiny, fitted with a tangle free flat cord and lightweight (16g only), these headphones are ideal to move freely as your music is travelling with you without disturbing your flow. Smartphone in your

pocket and Freedom in your ears – perfect complements to your active lifestyle. Marvel as you bring music to your world!

Freedom have been specially designed to fit securely in your ears thanks to GeckoGrip active eartips by Jaybird. Enhancing isolation, these GeckoGrip eartips cling to your ear canal and hold the headphones steadily to your ears. and no worries Jaybird thought about all your inimitable ears, you will find in the box a multitude of eartips enables you to find the perfect fit for even the most unique of ears.

Pair Freedom up with your Bluetooth music device (itouch, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone etc) and off you go! That’s you ready to run at the gym or run to catch your bus. You will also be able to receive calls anywhere through the integrated microphone – it could be on the treadmill or on a bath!

The Freedom pull off the almost-impossible by delivering you top-quality sound. With its bassy beats, these headphones deliver CD quality sound with Apt-X. Crank up the volume and enjoy your favourite songs.

Distributed in the UK by DAD, the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones are be available from Amazon.co.uk, Advanced MP3 Players, Advanced Headphones, Apple, Dixons Airport stores, Harrods and other leading headphones retailers; priced at £99.

Product Specifications·    Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR·    Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP·    In-built Microphone·    Battery Life: up to 6 hours·    Over ear Secure fit for sports·    Apt-X audio on board·    AVRCP Music Controls·    Life time warranty against sweat·    tiny size and lightweight 40 x 17 x 7 mm·    Weight: 16g·    Charging: 1.5 hours

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