Jawbone’s new Up health wristband is equal parts cool and creepy

Bluetooth headset maker Jawbone will soon release its new up life monitoring wristband that’s designed to help you live a move healthy life by tracking every move you make, what you’re eating, how long you’re sleeping and how many calories you burn.

The Jawbone Up, in many ways, is a cool use of technology to tackle the problem of not being active enough. using the wristband and an iOS app, you can get prompts to move when you sit at your desk too long, be told exactly how long you’ve slept, be prompted to wake up in accordance with your natural sleep cycle and track how many calories you eat by snapping photos of your food.

To get the most out of the product, you are expected to wear the wristband 24 hours a day. To make that possible, the Jawbone team has made the up band water resistant and durable and it lasts 10 days on a single charge.

While all of those aspects are handy, some potential users may shy away because they don’t want a piece of technology tracking every single thing they do or eat 24 hours a day. While the data isn’t neccesarily being shared with anyone else, there is something a little creepy about a machine that knows every little thing you do in your life. Additionally, if someone else gets their hands on your iPhone, he or she may be able to see all of those things.

As someone who spends a lot of time at my desk each day and not enough time in my bed at night, I like the idea of the up wristband being able to help me get back into a healthier routine. the trick, if I decided to get one, would be keeping it on me regardless of activity and remembering to track my food intake.

The up wristband goes on sale Nov. 6 for $100 from retailers including the Apple Store, Best Buy and Target. the wristband comes in small, medium, and large sizes and in seven different colors: black, brown, blue, white, silver, dark red and bright red.

Check out the video below of various aspects and benefits of the up wristband:

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