Jailbreak Iphone 5 Is It Possible?

If youre looking for a way to jailbreak your I Phone 5 then you are likely to be disappointed…Again. Even though a lot of fake news is being released that a number of companies that they have successfully done this huge phenomenon that people across the world are waiting for, no confirmation from any reliable source has come as of till the moment. So yes, the process of Jailbreak I Phone 5 has not yet happened. But of course if Jailbreak IPhone 5 does indeed happen then a huge number of benefits and a comparatively small amount of things that you do not want can happen. If Jailbreak I Phone 5 does happen then some of the major benefits are that you can easily install third party apps. Third party apps are those which are not subject to approval of the official apple app store approval. So you can easily download these apps and make your I Phone an awesome app destination with both apple as well as non-apple apps. But do not ever forget that with great benefits always comes some or the other problems. In this case it is that you can never say how much of your battery life can be sucked out. While the apple app store revises all apps for their toll on your battery life you can never be sure what these third party apps can do to your phone. Jailbreak IPhone 5 can also another possibility. What it does is help you to unofficially unlock carrier locked I phones. But remember that each model has its own carrier and base band. But like it was earlier said, Jailbreaking can also cause a lot of problems. And no one knows what will be the effects of a Jailbreak I Phone 5 .the first ever jailbreak caused a lot of problems like affecting bank transactions. But, if you cannot wait for Jailbreak IPhone 5 then apple does offer you one choice. You can go for an unlocked version of I phone 5. It comes in a range of $649,$749,$849 for a 16 or 32 or a 64 gb version. Or there is an option where you get an Iphone 5 for just $199. But it again comes with a problem of chaining you to a specific network for 2 years.