iTranslate iPhone App Review

Pocket dictionary-translators used to be very popular until iPhone came. With one of its newest advancements like iTranslate, there is surely nothing to worry about when traveling on a foreign country. It lets you translate any text or phrase in 42 different languages. With this app on hand, you’d certainly make communicating easier and more convenient. The iTranslate iPhone app review below shows some of the core features of this application. You’ll be able to understand why it is one of the most downloaded apps today.

The Features

iTranslate has a well-designed interface that’s meant to provide both function and convenience. Unlike bi-lingual dictionaries, translating phrases over this app is a way lot easier. You simply have to key-in the phrase you want to translate and select the language you need. The pull-down menu allows you to choose between different languages that the app supports.

Since the app uses a small amount of data, you’d experience no difficulty waiting for the translated words to appear. The mobile app lets you keep a record of all previously entered texts. this means that if you have to use the same phrase again, tracking for that text would just be easy. The iPhone’s memory keeps all these records so you won’t have to go searching for that translated text again.

iTranslate becomes even more useful when you are in another country. By showing the translations to the person you’re talking to, you are able to convey the right words. You can also let them enter the texts they want to say so you can understand them in the language you are familiar with.

Currently, iTranslate supports the following languages: Bulgarian, Arabic, Chinese Simplified or Traditional, Czech Danish, Croatian, Finnish, English, French, and a whole lot more.

What It cannot Do

There is no doubt about the functionality of iTranslate. But like many other applications today, it has its own limitations. here are some examples:

-It can only translate up to 500 characters per translation.

-The number of phrases is limited.

-You have to be online to use this app.

-It is definitely not a replacement for human translation.

Although it has a few inadequacies, iTranslate is considered one of the most handy and functional applications around. The fact that the application is free also makes iTranslate the most useful tool in your iPhone.

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