ISkin Solo FX Jelly Case for iPhone 4

When attempting to select the best case for your iPhone 4, several factors must be considered. You want to find a quality case for a good price that will give you the best possible protection. You also want to find a case that is built to last and looks good.

There are a lot of case options to choose from, which is good, but may seem overwhelming to try to pick one from everything that is available today. good research is your best bet for making the smartest choice.

One of the most popular cases on the market today is the iSkin Solo FX Jelly Case. This case has been rated in the top 100, top 10 and called the “coolest case” by PC Magazine. the Solo FX gains its popularity from its ease of use, high quality and great look.

This case has been re-vamped to provide more coverage for the front of your iPhone 4. It showcases a trendy designer pattern, with a luminescent effect, that is quite the rage right now. the Solo FX comes in a variety of five colors, including carbon, red, blue, green and pink. the deep, strong colors will make your phone both eye-catching and hip.

In addition to its great looks, the iSkin Jelly Case offers top-notch protection for your iPhone. Your iPhone 4 fits easily into the case so you are guaranteed a secure fit while maintaining the sleek appearance of your phone. the case provides maximum body coverage, with both front and back protection. To protect your phone from dirt, dust and moisture, the volume and home buttons are covered.

Another great thing about the Solo FX case is that is uses industry-exclusive Microban antimicrobial protection to curb the growth of any bacteria or fungus on the case. With as much as you handle your iPhone during the course of just one day, this helps protect you from getting sick and sharing unwanted germs with others.

The “jelly” like material on the case is easy to hold on to and helps prevent against the phone slipping and sliding around. the material is kind of a cross between a grip case and a hard case. Another perk to this material is that it helps prevent fingerprints. Unlike the amount of smudges and fingerprints you may get with a traditional hard plastic material, the Solo FX jelly-like material hardly shows any dirt or fingerprints.

Consider the iSkin Solo FX Jelly Case for protecting your phone. With great looks, maximum protection and high user reviews, it easily meets all of your expectations in the best case for your iPhone 4.

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