Is iPhone 4 Worth Buying Again?

The news of Apple iPhone 4 has recently hit the market with the release of pictures & specifications of an iPhone 4 prototype published in a famous blog. Apple has made quite impressive hardware improvements and also changed its outlook completely but the features it deliver extra than the previous iPhone 3GS is considerable while buying this device again if anyone has the prior device.

The new iPhone 4 has brought some changes that users were demanding for a long time in their iPhone. the outlook is heavily changed with metallic finish, flat rear and dedicated buttons on side, looks far better than the previous iPhone 3G or 3GS that used to give plastic like finish. as an example the addition of a camera in front is one of the basic requirements to properly use a 3G communication service for video calling, but was absent in the previous versions of iPhone. there are dedicated volume keys on the side with metallic finish that will help to enrich the experience with Apple iTunes. the screen is bigger added resolution capacity, better than the 480 x 320 pixel of iPhone 3GS that was one of the smallest in the smartphone genre. there are many other improvements like increased storage capacity, Micro SD slot instead of normal SD, extra battery life, advanced processor etc that will make it experiencing far better than iPhone 3G or 3GS. the new iPhone will run on iPhone Operating system 4.0 that has added advantage of its own like iBook, iAd, Multiuser Game Centre etc to enhance iPhone using experience for users.

Considering these possibilities, the new iPhone 4 has a lot of potential inside it to deliver smoother experience with the new phone to Apple lovers and previous iPhone users that will come into count while deciding to buy the new phone. however no official announcement has been made yet from Apple about the price, release date or specification for which users have to wait till its launch into market before they can fulfill their wish to buy this phone.

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