IPWN Cases: Disguise Your iPad 2 as a Nintendo Gameboy

Calling all former Gameboy lovers! We’ve got a great new product announcement for those of you who love retro gaming and own an iPad 2. According to the website, Lootiful will soon be releasing an iPad 2 case designed to look like a classic Gameboy handheld game.

Like previous Lootiful cases available for various versions of the iPhone, the iPad 2 Gameboy Case (known as the IPWN!) will snap on to the back of the iPad to protect your tablet from scratches and dings with an awesome retro-styled polycarbonate material. the front of the iPad 2 will be uncovered and fully accessible, while the back will fool people into thinking you’ve got a classic Nintendo system.

The IPWN line of cases have a slim fit design guaranteed not to add too much extra bulk to your iPad, and a lay-on-table design that prevents the iPad’s touchscreen from touching surfaces when facedown. the case also allows for full access to all peripheral ports and buttons.

Lootiful is run by a single graphic designer, and often these cases are only sold in limited numbers. It’s unclear how many of the cases will be available and what the cost will be, but check back often because the site will soon be opening for pre-orders.

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