iPhones and Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

It’s indisputable that the iPhone is one of the most incredible cell phones of all time. In addition to the antennas necessary for mobile phone calls, wireless internet access and connecting to your wifi network, it also has the ability to connect with other devices wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. Essentially bluetooth means a small radio that allows devices to communicate without wires when they are within 10 to 20 feet of each other. While many innovative bluetooth products existing including wireless headphones and even wireless business card scanners, the most common and probably most useful accessory is a wireless bluetooth headset.

With a wireless bluetooth headset, you can make and receive calls on your iPhone without holding the phone itself up to your ear. The headset is a tiny piece of electronics that rests almost unnoticeably on your ear. When you receive a call, you can talk without needing to hold your hand up to your ear, and you can continue using the iPhone for other tasks. this is also great when driving. Talking on a bluetooth headset while driving is dramatically safer since it keeps your hands free to control the car and deal with possible emergencies. Several states have actually made it illegal to talk on your iPhone in the car without the use of a headset Use a headset to remain as safe as possible and comply with the laws in your area. The iPhone makes setting up your wireless headset easy: just follow the simple instructions that show on your iPhone and in no time at all you will be making calls and receiving calls like magic