iPhone Upside And Underway iPad 3

Susquehanna Financial Group’s Jeffrey Fidacaro joined the chorus of analysts trying to predict what the introduction of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 4S may mean for the company’s results last quarter and this quarter, which Apple is expected to announce on October 18th.

Fidicaro is modeling iPhone units to rise slightly to 21.5 million in Apple’s fiscal Q4 ended last month, and he thinks record pre-orders of 1 million units in the first 24 hours of availability for the iPhone 4S point to 27.1 million units in Q4. Fidicaro thinks total “builds” of the iPhone, across all models, separate from the actual shipments, may be in a range of 32 million to 36 million this quarter.

For the iPad, Fidicaro thinks Apple shipped 11.5 million units last quarter, and will probably reach 13 million this quarter. Fidicaro maintains a “Positive” rating on Apple shares and a $535 price target. Fidicaro also makes reference to a note from his semiconductor colleague, Christopher Caso, also published today, addressing the iPad(related : ipad converter for mac).

Caso takes on the multiple reports of cuts in iPad production that came from competing analysts two weeks ago. He thinks they’re wrong. Apple “pulled in” some iPad production into Q3 in order to get ready for the holidays, and also to clear the decks for what he thinks is the imminent arrival of an iPad 3.

According to U.S. Investment Bank Susquehanna Financial analyst Chris Check Cable, Apple iPad 3 will be put into production in this year. He said, iPad 3 is expected to put in production late in the fourth quarter or in December, the initial capacity is low, in the 60-100 million units. In addition, he enhances iPhone expected shipments this summer and fall. He believes that Apple’s iPhone shipments is expected to grow to 21.5 million units this summer, while the iPhone 4S one day over 100 million bookings made him think iPhone shipments will reach 27.1 million units this fall.

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