iPhone Metal Case – Discover Top 10 Stunning Designs

Are you waiting for some super stylish cases that can entirely conceal your iPhone? Then, keep reading this article to learn how tasteful and extroverted you can go with your iPhone metal case. Once you enter the market, you will find distinct and beautiful designs manufactured by different case makers. Let’s take a look at top 10 awesome designs of metal cases. All of these are highly compatible with iPhone 4 and 5. So, look stylish all the time with the following great designs:

• ExoVault

• Predator Zero by Ion Factory

• Karas Kustom iPhone Case

• Blade by Tiger Design

• Armadillo

• Vapor 4 by Element Case

• Diamond Back by Atom

• LTD Tool Case

• Xcel Case

• Cyber Case

If you are searching for the most reliable, protective and super cool case for your iPhone, your search is over. All these dynamic cases are a complete protection system for your most precious phone. All these metal covers surround your iPhone’s body to provide greater security. The covers are designed in a way that they do not conceal the antenna, allowing maximum signal growth. They protect your iPhone screen with the help of screen protectors and are so tough that your iPhone will not be destroyed, if dropped. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy looking elegant with these super protective cases.

You will find a unique and creative collection of metal cases at Element Case Vapor Family. Vapor Comp is the latest edition by Element Case. The brand brings you the newest and amazingly elegant design for all your iPhone 4 models. The design prevents any kind of loss in network signals with the help of molded Polycarbonate material. It includes an aluminum frame that helps in accommodating audio jacks and other peripheral devices. You would surely be the center of attraction in the crowd when’ll you pull your Vapor Case out of your pocket. It looks so stunning that you will love holding it all the time.

You will find Vapor Comp case in various designs and color.

• Vapor Comp- Black Ops

• Vapor Comp- White Edition

• Vapor Comp R8

Vapor Comp edition is limited, so don’t waste any more time and run for this super stylish case for your iPhone 4.

So, check out the most portable and slim case in the market that protects your phone without giving it a bulky and massive look. Give your iPhone a fantastic appearance as it is worth it!