iPhone Doctor: Top Rated iPhone 4 Cases for Everyday Users

Certainly, there are numerous iPhone covers in the market, but many of them are terrible. we wanted to give our own evaluation of fantastic cases that never disguise the beauty of the Apple iPhone 4 and looked great in all events. here are our top rated cases that everyone can love:

Incipio NGP Case for iPhone 4 (Matte Black, Fits AT&T iPhone): This is certainly our most popular overall protective case. for approximately $10, the case very affordable and a terrific bargain. it is a ideal fit with great grip that doesn’t look and feel inexpensive. the Incipio forms around the top, bottom, side panels, and backside of the iPhone 4, but won’t block out the camera in any way. We’ve tested its durability and it doesn’t seem to display any specific scuff marks and safeguards the iPhone 4 effectively. it takes an instant to put on but doesn’t move around. If you’re trying to find a protective case that looks great, will feel great, and doesn’t provoke a lot of attention, this is the go-to-phone.

elago S4 Slim-Fit Case for iPhone 4 with Logo Protection Film: This is our preferred slim iPhone 4 protective case. This extremely sleek protective case is a snap-on case and fits snug together with the iPhone 4 with absolutely no shifting. the matte shell feels fantastic and it has great scratch protection. the sole problem that any of us have using this case would be that the top, bottom, and face of your iPhone are generally exposed. nevertheless, if you’re looking for an affordable protective case with minimal frills, good protection, and very featherweight backing, check out this case.

Black Replicase Hard Crystal Air Jacket Case for AT&T iPhone 4: This is an awesome iPhone case that we all enjoy if you’re searching for a case that does not hide your iPhone 4 in any way. it possess a solid feel when it is around the iPhone and provides the fragile iPhone good quality defense. the best part would be that the case is a look-alike of the back of your iPhone 4 so it does not look like you have a case on at all. the negatives of the phone case are that it doesn’t perform well together with the iPhone camera flash because semi-blocks it and it is not as simple to take on and off as the other iPhone cases on our list. If you are seeking for a seamless iPhone 4 case, here you go.

OtterBox Universal Commuter Case for iPhone 4: This is probably the worse looking of our highest rated iPhone 4 cases, but if you are seeking some improved protection here is the case. This OtterBox is a major upgrade in terms of thickness and feel considering that it is lighter in weight than the iPhone 3GS OtterBox cases and we prefer it considerably better over the OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender. it was a little trickier to put on the iPhone, but after it was on it stayed there. it presented the most defense at the expense of being the thickest of our proposed cases, but if that’s what you require you should absolutely get the OtterBox Commuter.