IPhone Camera Buffs Can Add Lenses

Photojojo’s iPhone 4 and 4S case gives the device three unique lenses for taking photos, as Apple’s smartphone continues to evolve as a photography tool.

The iPhone Lens Dial case comes with three different lenses: telephoto, fisheye and wide-angle. All three lenses are made of “optical-quality” glass, although the case is made out of aluminum.

The case is available for $250 and also comes with two different tripod mounts so the lenses can be used in either portrait or landscape mode.

Mobile apps like Instagram let iPhone users adjust the look of their photos after they take them through use of special filters and effects, but Photojojo’s new case allows users to take photos with legitimate differences, rather than altering them digitally after the fact. the accessory also improves long-distance shots by taking pictures with more scope.

The iPhone 4, and now the 4S with its 8-megapixel lens, have emerged as the best smartphone cameras on the market. Some analysts believe the 4S is even worthy of being considered a valid replacement for stand-alone digital cameras.

Professional photographer Annie Leibovitz said the iPhone is “the snapshot camera of today” and called it “ accessible and easy.” the iPhone is most prevalent camera on Flickr, and users are adding photos from the device to social networks like Facebook and Twitter at an incredibly high rate.

Accessories like the Lens Dial add even more credibility to the iPhone as a digital camera, giving more options to users who want to take the camera feature to the next level and take unique photos.

As the iPhone receives more support from mobile apps and accessories from Photojojo, the device and its camera will likely become even more attractive to potential buyers and photo enthusiasts.

This post originally appeared at Mobiledia.