Iphone Bluetooth – Things to Take in Consideration Before Buying

Iphone Bluetooth Capability – is it worth considering?

The iPhone Bluetooth capability is also used on the unit’s headset. however, you can transfer your files from your PC, send photos and do video and audio file streaming with the iPhone Bluetooth capability. The iphone bluetooth headset features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that gives users around five and half hours of talk time. The battery can be charged at approximately an hour and a half with a stand by time of about 72 hours. The iPhone Bluetooth headset comes bundled with a docking station that is used to recharge the headset when needed. The docking station is a dual one that can accompany both the iPhone and the iPhone Bluetooth headset that allows both items to fully charge at the same time.

The iPhone Bluetooth Headset’s packaging is very similar to the iPhone’s, and there’s really not much to setting it up. The little black stick measures about 2 by 0.5 by 0.2 inches and weighs practically nothing (0.23 ounces), and its standard earbud is about the same size as the newer version of the white iPod earbuds. The iPhone Bluetooth Adapter is always broadcasting away assuming you have turned it on. And we left the iPhone near our Asterisk server for 8 hours with virtually no battery drain on the phone. The iPhone Bluetooth headset is simple in design as well as features. You get the regular abilities to answer and end calls, but don’t bet on anything like last-number redial or call mute features you will soon love.