iPhone apps to get you home, count calories and make a birthday card

Put down the flip phones. Throw out the sliders. If you carry a “Zach Morris,” please see your nearest kiosk for immediate assistance.

Today’s world is run by the smart phone, and if you don’t plug in, you’ll be lost among the shuffle.

And it can be confusing. what apps to buy. what free apps are best? “Should I upgrade for 99 cents?”

From those buying their first iPhone to veterans, advice is here for the app enthusiast.

We’ll feature three app reviews twice a month: The Best Buy, the Helper and the Best App Ever.

No, what I call the iFriend can’t do everything. but like the commercials say, there’s an app for just about anything.

The best apps make life easier. they consolidate pocket items. They’re convenient.

That’s the criteria. So let’s take a look.


Wait, I can get a full year of live turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance for a special holiday offer of $9.99? And the app is only 99 cents?

The MotionX GPS DriveBy App by MotionX has fast routes with multitasking abilities.

It has traffic updates, preserves addresses and it won’t fall asleep in the middle of the trip. other navigation apps are good, but most are overpriced brand names.

And the standard Google Maps Direction App doesn’t cut it. No voice guidance, no turn-by-turn. The map is slow and the directions will occasionally send you to the wrong destination.


Ever go to a restaurant and wonder how many calories are in the main course?

The Meal Snap — Calorie Counting Magic App by DailyBurn — counts calories digitally and costs 99 cents.

Tap the app, point the included camera at the dish and snap. in seconds the App generally calculates how many calories the meal contains.


Forget Mom’s birthday? Don’t turn to the Hallmark or CVS down the street.

The Cards App by Apple allows users to design birthday, greeting and love cards, among others, on the device. for $3, a physical card will be sent to the recipient through snail mail, but this app is free.

Set a reminder for your girlfriend’s birthday, whip up a card on the app and what could be a stressful situation has been avoided.