iPhone Application Development – Top 5 iPhone Apps for People Who Love to Read

This article brings to you a list of the 5 best iPhone apps for people who love reading. iPhone is not Kindle, and you cannot imagine spending hours reading on iPhone, but it does have a relatively larger screen, and if you really want to read something (and you have it on your iPhone) you’d happily use your iPhone for reading. for iPhone users who have a handset with an extra-large screen, reading on iPhone is an even more viable option.

The guys working on iPhone application development thought the same thing, and now there are a number of iPhone apps in the app store that turn your smartphone into an e-book reader. I love to read, and although I cannot spend hours reading a large tome on my iPhone, I can still use these apps to download books and read them when I am stuck somewhere, and don’t have much to do. also, some apps help me to find bookstores and books that are not so easy to find. The following are the 5 best iPhone apps that will be of immense utility to people who love to read

Local Books
Local Books is the perfect example of how lovable companies can harness the power of iPhone application development to make life smoother for voracious readers. this app is created by librarything.com, a site known for its expertise in everything related to books. they know that a real reader eats books up and so they have modeled their app on menu apps by restaurants You can search for books, bookshops, venues of book-related events, and much more using this app.

Kindle for iPhone
Isn’t this the best combination ever? this app allows iPhone users who do not have kindle to read their books in a better format on their smartphone. but the app is still more useful to users who have a Kindle of their own. By installing this app you can easily transfer all you Kindle books to your iPhone, and vice-versa

You probably know about the online Wattpad community. this app brings that community on your iPhone. It has its own publishing platform, and you can view the poems, stories and novels written by bloggers and budding writers. this app is a boon for amateur writers and readers, but if you read only classics, this one is not for you.

eBooks by Kobo
This one is just right for people who are not into amateur fiction or classics, but love to read bestsellers and contemporary literature. Kobo is a great e-library where you will be able to find the latest books at great discounts. but that’s not all-after downloading this app you will get a free download of one new eBook every week

B&N eReader
This is a free app from Barnes & Noble. You can pay and download any book you want through this app, and you also get five free eBooks when you download this app. but that’s not the special thing about this app: the books you download will be a stored in the cloud, and this will enable you to access the books from your PC as well as your laptop. this app also allows you to change background and text color.

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