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iPhone application development is all set for trend as Apple iOS makes its very impressive entry into the active mobile world. Apple came up with its latest iOS version on June 6, 2011. iPhone iOS 4.0, this version brings in certain attractive features to keep up with the increasing competition from blackberry application development and android application development. to step -up the smart factor for iPhone application development, this new version is a hint of newness with its progressive abilities of contextually and graphically rich mobile application development. the new iOS 5 SDK is set to further its popularity with features such as augmented reality and an Open GL ES 2.0 support in iPhone application development. moreover their most combination with Social Platform is being touted as one toxic combo for mobile application development. iPhone iOS 4.0 with its new and improved platform Apple opens the doors for creation of diverse apps that can take the mobile gaming experience to a whole new level. the new API( Application Programming Interface) is fully equipped to develop graphically richer and engaging apps that make your app experience even more enriching. the in-built NFC near Field Communication functionality gives the choice of developing interactive mobile gaming apps along with mobile commerce applications solutions, payment and financial apps and much more. the versatility that the new API brings in is indicative of IPhone s endeavor to make its way into the non-enterprise or non-business user territory as well. Blending your app into the Apple devices (iphone ipad) features has been made much more smother with Device Integration. APIs such as Geofencing, Magnetometer and Maps make the entry of complex geospatial shapes easier and allow easy detection of location of the smartphone or Mobile. Multimedia experience has also been refined and made sleeker with the introduction of APIs such as audio buffering, HD video recording and native Window etc. Way for improved and advanced graphics has been made in iOS 4.0 via support for Open GL ES 2.0 standard. the Open GL ES 2.0 Graphics API makes way for development of superior quality graphics, making mobile gaming application experience bigger and better. with the Liquid Graphics interface (LGI) feature IPhone 4′s is high on eye-candy quotient as well. the visual value has been significantly stepped up in similarity to the predecessor. iPhone 3.0 and users can brace themselves for a generous endowment of good looks across the board. Great look at IPhone 4.0 s new, highly refined Web Browser and it becomes clear that RIM is dead serious about surging ahead of its rivals and market leaders- Android and Blackberry. iPhone 4 s web browser is a step ahead in sophistication when compared to its previous version (iPhone 3). Pinch and Tabbed browsing to zoom make for a compelling web experience. other power-packed punches from this latest version are a brand new Apple iPhone 4′s, Flash and HTML 5 support along with an enhanced gesture support. These are few options that render iPhone iOS at par with the masters of the mobile OS. another new version s sleeve is the Apple Technology which enables separation of official and personal work on a single device providing users a very good iPhone experience. it can be said that the new iPhone OS is an indication of RIM s shift towards making its creation more consumer friendly without bringing any dent in its enterprise affability.

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