iPhone Application Builder- How to become an iPhone App Builder

You may have heard about i Shoot, an i Phone app and its builder who was working with Sun Microsystems and built iShoot in his spare time. This iPhone app builder has quit his day job and become a full time developer. This is one example but there are many instances available that the developer of different domain becomes the iPhone app builder. If you want to become an iPhone app builder here are some tips for you.

Buy a Mac

iPhone is an Apple product and it needs development environment in Mac. iShoot was developed on old MacBook  with 1GB of memory, knackered wi-fi and an Ethernet port. Mac Minis are powerful, easy on desk space. They are also easy to move round, developers can take them home at weekend!

Get the SDK

Apple provides free SDK (software development kit) on their developer site. You can download it and use for development. This kit has everything you need to get going, including development environment called X-code, the iPhone simulator for testing, performance analyzers, interface builders and the full documentation reference library.

Learn Objective C

This is primary programming language for iPhone development. It is nothing but extension of C to include object-oriented principle. It has scripting elements to it, so is easier to pick up than some languages and anyone with programming experience should be able to transfer their skills. Apple developer forum is the best place to ask your doubts and grow further.

Start Writing

Start writing something. Forget about the language you are going to learn. This is the most practical way of learning something quickly. This is more or less a standard procedure in the development community when you are exposed to a new platform. Something should appear on the screen. The SDK comes with example projects and you can learn it through reverse engineering. You can build it by your own way adding extra features.

Be Official Developer

To become an official iPhone app builder you are to sign up as an official developer at Apple store. There is a standard procedure and you can follow up easily. Sign up also helps you to test your code on actual iPhone rather than onscreen emulator. Once you are on the developer program you will receive a certificate which allows you to pair up with iPhone device.


Once you finish the development you submit your app to the Apple store. It is a simple and straightforward procedure. Upload the zip and select the icon and write the description and wait for the approval for a week.

This way you will become an iPhone app builder and earn lot of money with it.