iPhone App Maker Marketing Tip: Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make When Selling Apps

Being an app maker or developer is a challenge in itself. but the real test that every app maker needs to surpass is marketing his/her mobile application, especially now that there are thousands of developers, all trying to sell their products. and unfortunately, even the finest iPhone apps sometimes do not sell well because of some minor mistakes. Save hours of stress and disappointment by understanding these errors ahead of time so you can avoid them.

Having a paid only version – sure, every app maker wants to earn right away. but it doesn’t work that way because getting someone to download your app is difficult–especially it’s for sale–and no lite version available. Your app needs to stand out among over 500,000 other apps to really compel people to buy your application. one of the easiest ways to promote it is by offering a free version so users can try it before they buy it. get them really captivated with a limited edition and encourage them to upgrade every time they use your app. and if you can build a good lite version and a great full version, your iPhone application will definitely bag more revenue.

Having a boring description – Potential users don’t only view iPhone app screenshots; they also read descriptions. and the first few words are the most crucial part of your description. If you don’t instantly mesmerize them with the first sentence, you’re screwed. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional copywriter to be able to craft an attention-grabbing description. just make sure you highlight on your app’s unique features and benefits.

Ignoring free marketing avenues for your app – of course, paid advertising techniques work well. However, there are plenty of free and helpful marketing approaches that every app maker should not overlook. Some of these include blogging, press release writing; marketing on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may also want to try your luck on contacting app review sites and humbly pitch how awesome your app is.

Not becoming a marketer or not hiring one – bad news is you can’t just be an app maker but also a marketer. good news is you can learn on your own using many resources available online or get a professional who can help you spread the word about your app.

iPhone app discovery amidst this vast ocean of downloadable applications is the biggest obstacle for many developers. Avoid these mistakes above to save time, effort and resources, and to ultimately help boost awareness and sales for your iPhone app.