iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE wireless network

Apple announced the impending release of the iPhone 5, the ultimate smartphone updated with 4G LTE capabilities. Analysts expect the phone to become the most popular iPhone yet and have social, political and economic implications for people around the world.

Forced Labor Redux

Since taking the helm at Apple, CEO Tim Cook seemed committed to resolving the labor issues that have tainted one of the world’s largest corporations. Chinese workers living in conditions similar to slavery have killed themselves to avoid another day working on Apple production lines managed by Foxconn, one of Apple’s largest production partners.

CNN reports that Foxconn, one of the most well-known for-profit abusers of human rights, denies that it has enslaved students to help Apple meet product-launch demands.

Rather than denying the exploitation of students in its factories, the company has assured the world that its student slaves are paid and are free to leave the company at will. Almost 3 percent of the 1.2 million people employed by Foxconn are students.

Unfortunately, a Chinese watchdog group has blown the whistle on the questionable Foxconn practice. Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) says that schools have shipped their students to Foxconn like cattle to help bolster Apple profits during the iPhone 5 product launch.

Gimme that iPhone 5!

Despite the massive human suffering that powers the Apple product line, analysts seem to believe that American consumers will lead the world’s demand for yet another blood-stained iPhone product. After all, fast 4G LTE data connections are more valuable than human life.

Apple is able to sell the iPhone 5 at affordable prices in the United States and other countries thanks to the exploitation of Chinese workers, students and children.

Political Payoff?

Well-known for its overt support for the Obama regime and the U.S. Democrat Party, Apple’s release of the iPhone 5 could bolster the lackluster American economy in time to affect election results. Most market watchers believe that demand for 4G will alone make the iPhone 5 one of the biggest product launches of all time.

Economic Boon

The Wall Street Journal reports that the iPhone 5 could significantly boost the U.S. economy by adding $3.2 billion to GDP in the fourth quarter. The new phone from Apple could add as much as .33% to the nation’s GDP. At a time of economic stagnation, the iPhone 5 could make a noticeable difference to the nation as consumers seek to buy the new phone for themselves and others as holiday gifts. In the past, Apple products have had similar economic effects. iPhone 4S sales accounted for one-half of all retail sales growth when it was first released.