iPhone 5 Release Date: Why the Delay?

Well, it’s nearing the end of June, and still no new iPhone. Rumors had put the next iPhone release date in June, so many Apple fanatics are crying about an iPhone 5 release delay. Honestly, Apple made no announcement on the rumored Smartphone — Including any indication the device even exists.

This has not stopped the iPhone rumors from spreading, and now many are pointing toward a September release. So, why would Apple have delayed the new iPhone?

There are several reasons why there could be an iPhone 5 release delay. From a low supply of batteries due to the Japan earthquake, to the fact that Apple recently released the white iPhone 4, and sales for that device are apparently doing well.

Additionally, many people feel the next iPhone release will be the iPhone 4S, and that will most likely put the iPhone 5 release in 2012.

What do you think about the iPhone 5 release date delay rumors? Considering Apple has yet to announce any new iPhone, is it safe to say Appleites won’t see the next generation iPhone until next year?