iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors: Analysts Predict Apple Sales Drop Before 6th Generation Smartphone Launch

Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 be a game changer for Apple? As fans wait for the iPhone 5 release date, analyst predict Apple will lose sales until the launch of the new iPhone. Are Android phones taking over the market?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date for North America has been confirmed, analyst expect Apple smartphone sales to drop this quarter. Will the 4S model of the much-loved gadget be enough to keep Apple on top until the technology giant can launch their next handset?

A recent article says “Apple will ‘gradually lose’ smartphone shares until the iPhone 5 release date in October.” It doesn’t seem like the hot new Android gadget will be devastating to Apple sales though. After all, the Apple following is very strong. Of course sales may drop off, but it won’t likely be due to the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date. The more likely reason would be Apple lovers waiting for the new iPhone to hit the market, instead of buying the 4S model at a cheaper price.

As of now, the 6th generation iOS 6 Apple handset is expected to launch by October of this year.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 5 release date? Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a game changer in the smartphone world? Will Apple have to do more to compete with the fresh new devices and designs coming out this year?