iPhone 5 release date hype gets a new rival: Amazon Android tablet

Multiple reports have confirmed that Amazon’s September 28th event will introduce a brand new device that could give the Android operating system another wave of market share eating, an Android-based Kindle. according to MG Siegler of Techcrunch, he saw the Amazon Kindle tablet prototype, and he confirmed that the e-reader/tablet is powered by Google Android operating system.

According to MG, the new Amazon will simply use the name Kindle, and the device will feature a 7-inch color touchscreen. The tablet/e-reader can also connect to the internet via WiFi (or 3G depending on the model), and runs using the popular Google Android operating system, but the operating system user interface was tweaked by Amazon.

More like a Nook Color and not an iPad, but many believe that a cheap Kindle Android tablet could be a game changer. no word yet from Amazon regarding the tablet, but based on multiple reports posted online, it is highly possible that the device will hit the stores by Thanksgiving. It is worth noting that online shopping spikes on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of release date, it looks like Amazon wants to avoid the iPhone 5 release date hype by announcing a tablet earlier. Reports say Apple will introduce the new iPhone next month, October 4, and will be followed by the release date. Additional reports say Apple could give the iPhone 5 a mid-October release date in USA.

The iPhone 5 and Amazon’s Android tablet are not “direct rivals” but are still competing devices on their arrival, knowing that not all consumers have the budget to buy expensive electronic devices. Plus, a successful tablet can also result to a phone creation, in my opinion, although it is still too early to speculate.

Can Amazon convince the public that a colored Kindle with a popular operating system is a must have? or, can Apple convince the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users, and especially the Android users to buy the iPhone 5?

All reports posted about the iPhone 5 (or the Kindle tablet) are still considered as rumors. Grain of salt needed here, I just want to say.

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