IPhone 5: Exciting New Features

Although Apple has not released any news about an iPhone 5, there is a lot of speculation about it. The iPhone 5 is anticipated to be released in the summer of 2011, coinciding with Apple’s traditional June-July annual release of new iPhone models. January 2011 is another possible release date, enabling Apple to release an earlier fix for the antenna problem that has been a problem with the iPhone 4. Although that fix could be in another iPhone 4 version rather than an iPhone 5.

Some rumored features that the iPhone 5 may contain are an improved operating system, (iOS 5), ability to access 4G networks, a faster processor (1.5 GHz), improved battery life (up to 14 hours talk time on 3G and 7 hours on 4G), and additional carriers besides AT&T (Verizon is a possible carrier soon to be iPhone compatible). Video chat, which is now only usable on Wi-Fi, should be available on the 3G and 4G networks. Face recognition and higher video resolutions will also be new features. An eight-megapixel camera is supposedly in development for the iPhone 5.

The new iPhone 5 may be radio-frequency identification (RFID) enabled. With RFID, the iPhone could function like a credit card. Users could pay for items wirelessly simply by waving their phone over a panel at checkout. Apple apparently has a new patent for this technology. Their patent shows how a powerful RFID loop can be built into the circuitry of the iPhone or iPod Touch screen. The RFID loop can act as an RFID tag or as a tag reader.

The iPhone 4 came with 16 GB and 32 GB of memory. The next iPhone will likely have more memory, up to 64GB. It should also include more storage.

The new iPhone 5 is said to be thinner and sleeker than the iPhone 4, with a shiny glass back piece. The screen will be scratch and shatter proof. Users will have the ability to assign different tones to different email accounts. True GPS will be built in. The price for the iPhone 5 should be similar to the current price of the iPhone 4.

Apple, as usual, is very secretive about their upcoming plans. If the rumored features actually do appear in a new iPhone 5, they will help the Apple iPhone stay successful in an increasingly competitive market.