iPhone 5 case leaks show 3G-like body, larger screen, and buttonless design

As July winds down, Apple fans are most likely wishing to skip right over August and into September when the iPhone 5 is rumored to be released. Though we can’t fast-forward time, we can tell you some new information we’ve deduced from a possible iPhone 5 case leak. Case leaks, like all Apple rumors, are good for two things: Giving us insight into what the new product will have in store, or getting our hopes up only to crush our dreams.

The prototypes are based on leaked Foxconn intelligence and if they are indeed real, the iPhone 5 will be an iPhone 5. We’ve heard rumors that Apple may release an iPhone 4S, a slightly-upgraded iPhone 4, and would be saving the iPhone 5 update for later in the year. however, the leaked photos show too many changes to keep the phone as a 4S and not a 5. MobileFun.co.uk, a huge mobile phone accessories retailer in the UK, published the photos which it received from two separate sources in China.

The photos show that the iPhone 5 will have a drastically new look with a curved and possibly ergonomic design. it will be similar to the iPhone 3G’s body which may help with the antenna issue that iPhone 4s deal with. it can easily be fixed with a bumper or a case, but the iPhone 5 will apparently be going back to the curved back, eliminating the Death Grip problem.

The phone will also feature a larger display. We’re not 100 percent sure if the display will be the edge-to-edge one we’ve heard rumors of, but it looks that way from the photos. CultofMac says it will grow from 3.7-inches to 4-inches and will keep the same Retina Display resolution.

The biggest addition, however, is actually the subtraction of the Home button. The Home button would be replaced by a capacitive strip which will be used for multi-touch gesturing. The buttons on the sides of the phone are rumored to be moved all to one side and may also be capacitive. Only time will tell.

Since MobileFun received these prototypes from two different Chinese case manufactures, the new design could be very likely. Also, a leaked Target ad (above) could show the next-gen iPhone as the 3G-looking curved model we mentioned above, instead of the boxy body of the iPhone 4. it could just be a mock-up designed by Target for its pharmacy ad, but it could also be the first look at the new iPhone.

It’s important to take all iPhone rumors with a grain of salt, especially the leaked case rumors, which are sometimes off. however, sometimes they’re the only way we can get an inside look of an Apple product since the company is so tight-lipped about its new products. take the iPad 2 case we saw leaked in January. The case had an extra spot carved out in the back for what appeared to be built for a large speaker, an SD card slot, or a mini-display port. that gave cause for speculation which turned out to actually be true. When the iPad 2 was released in March, we saw it featured a speaker on the lower left corner on the backside of the tablet.

In may, we saw a leaked iPhone 5 case that offered many of the same assumptions as the case mentioned above. So, if the same features we spotted in may are showing up two months later in July, then there’s good reason to believe they’ll show up two months later in September. In general, we usually see leaked cases appearing at least two months ahead of schedule, so the rumored September release may actually become a reality.

Via Cult of Mac, FroogleGeek

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