iPhone 4S/4/3GS Jailbreak- Use Blackra1n Untethered Jailbreak Tool

Blackra1n is appropriate for the firmware 3.1.2. and above so, if your iPhone belongs to this firmware, you can use the Blackra1n jailbreak tool. this tool is reliable and the simple. You will just have to follow some very simple steps to complete the whole process. once you launch the application, you will be guided through the jailbreak process. this jailbreak tool is compatible with Windows.

Steps to Follow for Blackra1n Jailbreak

Download the Blackra1n application from its official website. Save it on your Windows desktop. the executable file that appears on your desktop should be double clicked upon. this will help launch the program. your iPhone must be connected to your computer. “make it ra1n” button needs to be clicked upon.

Your iPhone will enter the Recovery mode now. Blackra1n will run and your iPhone will reboot. with this your iPhone will complete the jailbreaking process. the icon of Blackra1n will appear on the springboard of your iPhone. Launch the application. But, you must have internet connection for that.

Blackra1n Jailbreak – what next?

You will come across the common installer applications. You can choose Cydia as it is the most trusted and reliable. once you select it; it will start downloading. when the installation is complete; you will see the icon of Cydia on the springboard of your iPhone.

From the BlackRa1n application, you will find the “uninstall Blackra1n” option. Click on the option and delete the application from your iPhone springboard. You are now ready to use a jailbroken iPhone. You can also unlock your iPhone now for other benefits.