iPhone 4S: Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Ordering

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Though it is still Siri related, security is a major factor for iPhone 4S. Siri is still accessible without unlocking the iPhone 4S. Apple has yet to reprogram Siri for voice recognition. until then, the iPhone 4S can still be manipulated through Siri even when locked.


Apple is has admitted that owners are experiencing reduced battery life, particularly with the buf in iOS 5. the same problem in battery was raised when iPhone 4 was released. Apple however released a statement that it will release a software update to address the problem.


The announcement of iPhone 4S included the teaser that it will run in a 4G network. but to the customer’s dismay, it still runs in 3G speed. they found out that only AT&T can provide the 4G speed, those on Sprint and Verizon are still stuck on 3G. Consumer’s are still waiting if Apple’s claim that a new wireless system could address the problem and not just a false hope.


Apple claims that iPhone 4S camera has 60 percent more pixels than the iPhone 4 camera. but in a report from pcworld.com, this only means the 8MP camera of the iPhone 4s is technically 160 percent of the resolution of the 5MP camera of the iPhone 4. in short, 8MP doesn’t it doesn’t translate to create better images unless sensor is also 60% bigger. Consumers must not be misled to these specifications. More megapixels doesn’t mean better image. 

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