iPhone 4S on Sprint “slow,” customers complain

You get what you pay for? Maybe, or maybe not.

Computerworld is reporting that customers who bought the iPhone 4S with Sprint Nextel’s 2 year contract agreement and data plan complain about the wireless carrier’s slow data speed. The report adds that Sprint iPhone 4S customers now consider returning the device and canceling the bundled plan before Friday to avoid the $350 early termination fee. it is worth noting that customers who bought the iPhone 4S last Friday, October 14, will be covered by the 14-day return policy until Friday only.

Sprint customers complain about slow iPhone 4S data connectivity.

Sprint Nextel is the newest wireless carrier in United States that offers the iPhone (iPhone 4S all variants, and the 8GB iPhone 4), and also the only carrier that offers unlimited data connectivity.

Complaints of slow iPhone 4S network performance first appeared on the carrier’s consumer forum on Oct. 14, the launch date of the iPhone 4S in United States. Customers reportedly complain about Sprint’s network speeds were “too slow” to support Youtube, Google Maps, including Apple iPhone 4S’s exclusive voice command feature Siri. For starters, Siri requires internet connection to work, and faster internet connection will deliver faster Siri response.

Meanwhile, The Next Web has confirmed in a report that Apple and Sprint Nextel are now working together to fix the iPhone 4S data connectivity issue. The source of the report was the internal email issued by Sprint saying that they’re now working with the computer company to fix the “confirmed nationwide issue” regarding the iPhone 4S’s slow data speeds.

Based on reports and comments posted online by Sprint iPhone 4S customers, the average data speed is around 0.10Mbps (around 100KB) to 0.40Mbps (or around 400KB) download, and around 0.11Mbps upload or 112.64KB after conversion.

iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to support both GSM and CDMA (as one variant). Sprint and Verizon Wireless use CDMA, while AT&T supports GSM 3G bands. AT&T claims they offer the fastest iPhone 4S data speed, with reports saying that AT&T iPhone 4S delivers 2 to 5Mbps download. we also tested Verizon’s data speed (in new York) and saw a decent 1.5 to 2Mbps download speed.

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