iPhone 4S Image Stabilization System Shown Off In Head-To-Head Comparison Video [Video Emerges Showing Off The Capability Of The iPhone 4S’ Image Stabilization System]

So, admittedly, what a lot of people are paying attention to these days in terms of features on the iPhone 4S is a sweet little program by the name of Siri, who’s been getting a whole lot of face time. but the iPhone 4S is quite a bit more than a program that can answer many of the riddles of the universe and do so in a thoroughly clever fashion. A new video has emerged showing, in side-by-side comparison fashion, the difference between shooting video on the iPhone 4 and shooting it on the iPhone 4S. The differences are surprisingly stark.

The iPhone 4S camera, which has been the recipient of some serious design upgrades, now offers not only eight megapixel still picture capability, but a widened aperture, a fifth lens, and full HD shooting capability at 30 frames per second. Pretty nice in its own right, especially for a camera built into the back of a smartphone, but what we’re dealing with here is the image stabilization function.

Just watching the video, which we’ve got embedded below, shows how incredibly different the performance is between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S video shooting. oh, and for those of you wondering about all that light flickering when they go to check out the florescent lights, reports suggest that that’s only happening because the footage was shot in Europe.

Considering that the iPhone 4S has only just gone on sale today (pretty much everything we’ve been talking about up until now has been in terms of preorders), this footage emerges at a pretty good time. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if footage like this tips some people over to buying an iPhone 4S where previously they had no plan to do so.  Indeed, photography buffs should be pretty interested by these results, and I can’t help but wonder if this new style camera with image stabilization will find its way into the iPad 3 when it finally makes its appearance.

But what do you guys think? Like the results the new camera is putting up for us? Or do you think you’re just fine with an iPhone 4 and a tripod? Either way, the comments section is waiting, so head on down and tell us what you think!